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How to get a discount on your next tour

In these uncertain times, we'd like to offer you an extraordinary 'Early Bird Special' discount of US$ 250.00 per person.

This is how to take advantage of our offer:

  • Book your (self-)guided 4x4 tour before 31 december 2020.
  • Travel with us before 1 October 2021.
  • Only valid for new bookings.


The best guided motorcycle tour in South America

You don't have to choose between Machu Picchu and the 'Salar de Uyuni'. This tour visits both tourist highlights in South America. Motorcycling in the Andes is fantastic. During this guided motorcycle tour you can check several items from your bucket list.


Bolivia lifts visa requirement for US citizens

Saves you US$ 160.00 !

Since Evo Morales (ex-president of Bolivia) went into exile in 2019, US citizens can enter Bolivia as tourists without a visa. This saves Americans US$ 160.00 and a lot of hassle. A good reason to visit Bolivia with us !